Kicked Up Fitness in Annapolis,MD

Our mission at Kicked Up Fitness is to provide the ultimate personal fitness facility that focuses solely on your success. Our diverse team is highly qualified and dedicated to taking your fitness goals to the next level. We offer a variety group classes and personal training programs that provide something for everyone regardless of your fitness level. We believe in working hard and achieving results, all while having fun!  We are a Verteran Owned and operated facilty, so we all know about giving back. Never given, only earned.


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Our Expert Trainers


Owner, Sports Nutritionist, Strength and Condidtiong Coach, Rehab Specialist

Tony has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Masters in Business with the following certifications: Functional Movement System (FMS): Level 1 & Level 2 Myoskeletal Alignment Technique Upper and Lower NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT): Level 1

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Arthur Neal

Manager/Personal Trainer

From an early age, fitness has been a part of my life. My childhood was filled with sports being a passion, then I found bodybuilding and powerlifting.  I competed in my first bodybuilding competition at the age of 22 and continued to compete in both

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Benjamin Biondi

Personal Trainer, Cross Training Coach

For most of his life, Ben was inherently lazy when it came to physical activity. He played sports when he was young and excelled in high school sports, but still considered himself lazy. All of this caught up with him over the years, along with generally

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Brenna Shull

Personal Trainer, Kickboxing/Boxing Coach

Fitness and athletics has been a staple of Brenna's life since childhood. After completing her collegiate volleyball career, she went on to coach several high school and Junior Olympic volleyball teams. Her areas of concentration were in the developme

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Megan Weaver

Boxing/Kickboxing Coach

I started my fitness journey in 2013. Most of my life I had been overweight. When the motivation of not only looking like a bride, but wanting to feel beautiful as one struck in 2013, I decided it was time for change. I wasn’t happy with the way I l

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Janice Coleman

Personal Trainer/Kickboxing Instructor

Hi everyone. My name is Janice Coleman and I have been teaching Kickboxing at Kicked Up for over a year.  I also have been teaching martial arts for over 15 years, and hold a second-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.  I recently earned my persona

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Jordan Drexel

Personal Trainer/Instructor

Jordan is new to kicked Up and couldn’t be more excited to further her fitness career. Fitness has always been a huge part of her life. She was a gymnast for 10 years until injuring her back, forcing her to quit what she loved. It didn’t keep

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Linwood Battle (Battle)

Personal Trainer/Instructor

If you’re ready to challenge your mind, body and soul – then look no further.  As a boxing, kickboxing and cross training coach with a background in Brazilian Jujutsu and Muay Thai from his extensive military background, Linwood “Ba

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Coach/Personal Trainer

Wolf has over 15 years of boxing experience as well as over 8 years of Muay Thai and MMA experience (8-1, Amateur Competition).  He earned an American purple belt in Judo at the age of 18 and has trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu all over Maryland and in

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Persoanl Trainer/Coach

Chris DiGuardo entered into the fitness industry for many reasons. She struggled with her weight as a child, which led to her being bullied. Due to low self esteem, she thought her only answer was to develop a “more is better” philosophy. She

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